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Streamline document development by searching, writing, correcting, and reviewing

Automate the process of collecting, validating, documenting and distributing data


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Document management / ECM

crossnote aims to streamline the entire documentation process, based on the advanced document management infrastructure including basic function as ECM (Enterprise Contents Management) - versioning / revision management, attribute management, high-speed search, security, and also, next-generation documentation with features such as scheduling, review / approval management, derivation management, split editing of the document - It is the platform.

Documentation Automation as a Service

EDITROOM automates the process of collecting, validating, documenting and distributing data.
Furthermore, you can integrate with your own service/system with Web API.


Similar documents

Search for similar documents in an instant. Maintain overall consistency and improve document quality.

Specification & Manual

Division of work, strict document format and consistency of terminology are required. That is crossnote's field of expertise.

Share files securely with customers

This is secure and useful file transfer system. Editing and file transfer are integrated seamlessly.

eCTD v4.0

eCTD is electrical format for application of new pharmaceutical products enacted by ICH. Updateit inc. is the only eCTD editing tool maker in Japan.

Tracking solution

Contact report is our product to provide tracking solution by recording and utilizing records of inquiry from PMDA and MHLW about development of pharmaceutical affairs.

Package insert

With crossnote, users can edit and manage package insert structured document by themselves as if it is a ordinary document. crossnote is now ready for the new XML schema in accordance with the revision of the description procedure of the package insert.

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